A clean email list has several benefits like lower bounce rate, higher open rate & higher click rate. A clean email list reduces your marketing cost and increases your income per each dollar you spent. In this article, I will explain simple tips to create and maintain a clean email list with a high Open Rate.

Never Buy Email Lists

after you start email marketing you will earn money in a short period of time, Some people think if they send more emails, they will earn more! with this argument, they start collecting emails from web pages, buying mailing lists, and create a huge email list with different tricks. After a while, they will find they are spending a huge budget to send emails and their revenue didn’t growth with the same ratio.

It’s not important how many emails you are sending, if the receiver didn’t know your brand! Imagine one morning you wake up an go to your living room and see someone stranger who sat on your sofa and watching TV with a cup of coffee! How will you react to this uninvited unknown guest?!

When you buy an email list, even if the list is relevant and valid, your emails act as the unknown uninvited guest. Most people report your emails as spam if they didn’t know you and others will delete your mail immediately.

Instead of buying email lists try to use voluntary methods. With the Opt-in method, you can create nice email lists. Users will opt-in to your list if you have a valuable offer to them. Users need to make sure they can unsubscribe whenever they want.

Send Valuable Contents Regularly

Since every day we visit tens of sites it’s not easy to remember all of them. If you don’t being in touch with your audiences who subscribed to your email list, they will forget about your brand in a short time. Many subscribers, don’t check your website every day. If you send a mail after a long while, some people don’t remember they subscribed in your list, and mark your email as spam.

The best way to increase user interactions is by sending regular mail at a specific day/s of week.

Clean Inactive Email Addresses

Always monitor your subscribers’ activity and find subscribers who don’t active anymore or subscribers doesn’t interested in your emails. if a contact doesn’t open your emails in a 3-6 month period you should clean your email list by removing the contact.

Segment Subscribers based On Their Interests

As I mentioned in the last section, you should analyze the activity of subscribers and create different Segments for subscribers don’t interested in your emails. If a subscriber has an open & click rate lower than average it means he is not interested in your emails. You should put these contacts in different segments and send different emails to increase the open rate at the first step.

Some times you should change your content and some times you need to send the same mail at different time. By segmenting your email list in smaller segments you can test more customized changes based on each segment interests.

If you don’t optimize your emails Open Rate, after a while, you have more inactive subscribers. semi-active subscribers are like patients that need CPR, if you don’t care about them, they will die soon and become inactive forever.